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  • Kraiczy, M. et al. 2019. PV Forecasting in Distribution System Operation – Requirements and Applications, 9th Solar & Storage Integration Workshop, 15.-16. October 2019, Dublin, Ireland. This paper was presented at the 9th Solar Integration Workshop and published in the workshop’s proceedings
  • Deneke, H. et al., 2019. Towards an improved understanding of the small-scale variability of clouds, and its role for cloud retrievals, radiative effects and radiative closure. Seminar Talk, Cooperative Institute for Satellite Studies, University of Wisconsin, 11. June 2019, Madison, WI, USA
  • Deneke, H., et al., 2018. On the influence of spatial and temporal resolution for retrieving solar surface irradiance from METEOSAT SEVIRI, 2nd International Cloud Working Group Workshop, 29. Oktober – 2. November, 2018, Madison, Wisconsin
  • Deneke, H., et al., 2018. On the spatiotemporal variability of solar radiation and its consequences for the accuracy of satellite-based products of solar surface irradiance, 2018 EUMETSAT Meteoerological Satellite Conference, 17.-21. September 2018, Tallin, Estland (PDF)


  • Barry, J. et al., 2019. Photovoltaic system calibration with dynamic temperature model as a function of atmospheric conditions, EMS Annual Meeting, 9.-13. September 2019, Copenhagen, Denmark (PDF)
  • Meilinger, S. et al., 2019. Impact of atmospheric parameters on the performance of photovoltaic systems – study of spectral effects. ICEM 2019, 24.-27. June 2019, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Deneke, H., et al., 2019, On the spatiotemporal variability of clouds and solar radiation, and its consequences for radiative closure and the accuracy of solar surface irradiance retrievals, ESA Living Planet Symposium, 13.-17. Mai 2019, Milan, Italien.
  • Herman-Czezuch, A. et al., 2019. Impact of atmospheric parameters on the performance of photovoltaic systems – study of spectral effects. EGU 2019, 7.-12. April 2019, Vienna, Austria
  • Geiss, S. et al., 2019. Assimilation of solar satellite channels in ICON for forecasting photovoltaic power production. ICCARUS 2019, 18.-20. March 2019, Offenbach/Main (PDF)
  • Schirrmeister, C. et al., 2018. Messkampagnen im Projekt MetPVNet zur Verbesserung der PV-Erzeugungsprognose auf Verteilnetzebene. Fachtagung Energiemeteorologie, 5.-7. June 2018, Goslar (PDF)


  • Pressemitteilung zur Messkampagne im Allgäu, Juli-August 2019 (Link zur Pressemeldung der H-BRS)
  • Pressemitteilungen zur Messkampagne im Allgäu, September-Oktober 2018 (Links zu den Pressemeldungen: H-BRS, TROPOS, Fraunhofer ISE, HS Kempten)